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TRUNDEAN MAGNETIC DRIVE CV. Putra Deka Mandiri Terlengkap

Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. We insist on pursuing the goal of high-quality and the absorption of advanced ideas from abroad, to set up a business reputation of excellence and perfection. Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. has intensified our spirit and attitude in our quest for perpetual betterment, to seek sustained research and improvement, to persist in aggressively adhering to the policy of “customer first, quality first, service first” to ensure customers with quality after-sale services. In the past years, with the upgrading of domestic industrial standards, and in view of the imperativeness to enhance market competitiveness, we have passed ISO 9001 in 2002, and passed CE certification in 2005. In this competitive market, we have been seeking product stability, standardized production processes, and continued to renew installation of production equipment and inspection equipment, so that our products are notinferior to those in advanced countries. And we have actively invested in research and development and made improvement on all our products, including RootsBlower, Vertical Blower, Submersible Blower, and Magnetic Drive Pump. Besides developing the Taiwanese market, Trundean Machinery IndustrialCo., Ltd. has actively developed overseas markets, and produced the “TRUNDEAN” brand for salesin overseas markets. Export markets have been extended to more than 60 countries, and our products have been highly recommended by local users. Based on firm and stable quality, Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. enthusiastically developsnew products and providessincere and prompt service, providingbetter service to our customers and establishing excellent cornerstones for our sustainable business operation.

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