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ESYNDMT CV. Putra Deka Mandiri Terlengkap

Glaucoma treatment or eye waters should have finer particles with smaller and evener dispersion than other products as they directly go into eyes.

The existing propeller agitator made additives and particles dispersed unevenly due to viscosity.

When eye drops manufactured by A pharmaceutical company are agitated using μ-tron Ⅲ of ESYN MDT, it is found that
μ-tron Ⅲ of ESYN MDT can disperses the particles in the water drops much evener than any other product with superior dispersing capacity, which cuts down process time and increases production efficiency.

This process is to mix additives and liquids in the tank with a propeller agitator and agitate the mixture by using μ-tron Ⅲ.

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